I just updated and tested the lastest macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Beta. It runs well, very snappy. I know, macOS High Sierra is coming, but for..
If you are an Apple Mail user then I recommend reading this thorough article on how to setup Deleted Items removal. There are several options available, depending..
If you are having some slowdowns on your Mac at times then you might want to disable Spotlight Indexing. If you are a heavy Spotlight..
Apple released the 10.11.5 update to El Capitan. I have been running it on my beta install without any problems. It is supposed to fix..
In my OS X travels I use the Character Viewer occasionally to insert various graphical characters in documents. However, where I use it most is..
If you are using multiple backups with Time Machine (TM can backup to multiple disks and network storage) and it is saying you have not..
I have mentioned several times that I use a 2.5" External USB hard drive to do troubleshooting on Macs. I have used a Tech Drive..
I usually keep an iMac 5-6 years. That is what works out best for me for my Speed vs. Storage needs. My Late 2012 iMac..
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