I have used text expansion Apps for many years. A text expansion App lets you create an abbreviation of a few letters for a much..
For years tech people have debated whether or not to defrag Mac hard disks. Supposedly, the macOS takes care of the defragging process on its..
A serious web Browser security issue has been uncovered recently. Apparently, there are Ad Trackers that can get information when a web Browser uses Auto-Fill on a..
Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2018 is bigger and better for all of us. I am going to take today off..
You probably think I am a total Mac security head case with all I post about security. I think Mac users can get so into..
All of the major web browsers have been updated recently. They are much faster in my opinion and more robust. I am especially pleased with..
Using third party SSD’s (solid state drive) has become quite common. If you can afford it, using a SSD on your Mac is totally the..
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