Web browsers allow you to handle website Cookies in different ways. Safari in macOS has several different settings. Cookies can be anywhere from annoying to..
I primarily use Safari as my web browser of choice. However, I am sure I do not use all the available features in Safari. That..
In my previous article on the excellent Mac utility app Disk Sensei, I covered the Trim feature for SSD’s. Since I upgraded the internal drive..
There has been a great deal of talk about VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) on the Web lately. I have been considering using a VPN for..
When sending PDF attachments in email you need to be a little cognizant of file size. Some peoples email setup cannot handle large attachments. Well,..
I do lots of searching of websites for various things, especially for the Macessence blog. Sometimes when I get to a website, the page or..
Using two-factor authentication (2FA) on our Mac is kind of a pain, but it is super secure. One of the things 2FA requires is an..
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