I have mentioned that I use the Intego VirusBarrier software on my Macs. Intego does a great job of keeping their virus and malware definitions up to..
When Facebook introduced their Messenger App I was never a big fan. I primarily use Apple’s very secure Messages App for texting. I did try Messenger,..
This information is for users of the Apple Mail App that process copious amounts of email each day. I am not quite in that category,..
Many improvements to the macOS Default Apps go unnoticed. Case in point, the latest 11.1 version of Safari web browser. If you are running macOS 10.13.4..
I know most Mac, and iOS users do a fair amount of texting, primarily with the Mac Messages App. I suppose most people use their iPhone..
Apple has just released another warning to Mac App Developers to make sure their Apps have 64-Bit functionality with the macOS. If you have installed High..
There comes a time when we all have to reinstall the macOS. This usually comes after several tech support procedures that fail. I keep several..
I was searching for a movie for this evening when I came across this article containing ideas on how to search for movies. This involves Google..