I know I have written about the excellent Moom Windowing App from Many Tricks Software, but it is just such a versatile, handy little guy...
I do not have the need for using VNC (Virtual Network Computing) as in the past, but there are times when it still comes in..
This is nice article about free Mac security software. I have used several of these apps, YMMV of course. Read the article and then try..
I just updated and tested the lastest macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Beta. It runs well, very snappy. I know, macOS High Sierra is coming, but for..
I am always on the lookout for helpful little apps that can enhance my Mac workflow experience. Like everyone, I interact with the Finder constantly,..
Yesterday, Apple started requiring all third party apps that use iCloud services to have an App-Specific password. I started using App-Specific passwords a while back,..