I am an avid (some people might say "rabid") Mac user. Have been since 1987. But, I do use the Windoze OS for certain things..
OK, if you consistently need to do things to PDF files then go to Enolsoft's website. They have a bazillion apps for manipulating PDF's! I use a..
I have not used the Mac keyboard to navigate within text documents too much, but this article may change that for me. It only has a few..
Over the last few years I have read many peoples complaints about Time Machine not being reliable. It has always functioned fairly well for me,..
You probably already know how to customize the Finder Toolbar in Yosemite. However, this article provides a few tweaks that are not commonly known. The author just..
This tip really applies more to people using a Mac in a corporate environment. Quite often these folks have to access shared folders on another..
Our iPhones are talking to us all day long with various alerts for emails, texts etc. I think over time it just blends in, we..
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