The Disk Utility application in your Utilities folder does all kinds of good things besides formatting hard drives and other media. This article describes several things that..
OK, my wife and I are just fed up with all the ads (especially popup ads) we find in our Safari web browsing. You know..
This is no big deal, but if you do any kind of design work (especially website design) there is a very cool little app in..
This is a good article on how to set the Mac OS to always open a certain type of document with the same application every time...
I am not an avid word processor user. Yes, I do a couple of blogs and run a few websites, but I mostly use blogging..
This is such a cool article on several things you can do with the Spotlight app that you probably never new about. I learned some new things...
Apple, in keeping with their minimalist design strategy, has increasingly made the Mac OS less colorful, less contrasty and thus, to me anyway, less user..
In my previous article on Belight Software’s Get Backup application I covered some of what the “Backup” panel can do and some of the app's more general..
Have you ever had your Touch ID not work on your iPhone? I have had that problem a few times since I have had my..
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