You really do need an Admin Password to setup the Mac OS. However, after the initial setup, many people do not use the Admin password..
I do a fair amount of photography with my iPhone 5s Camera. No it is not even close to my wonderful Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, but..
I know people who have saved email messages going back 10-15 years! That is not me, but if you are in that category and you..
I have written fairly extensively about a very cool app called CleanMyMac 2 from MacPaw software. CMM2 is a Mac optimizing program, a cleanup program if you will. However,..
I have been using a cool little program called EasyFind from DEVONtechnologies for many years. It is can perform very detailed searches, is easy to use and..
The Mac is relatively free of viruses and malware. But, one thing it does not block is Adware. When you visit some websites ads on..
In the old days if you wanted to “Zoom” a window in the Mac OS you just clicked on the green button in the upper..
If you are like me you will run at least one Mail application plugin. There are many of them available, they do enhance Mail’s functionality..
Apple has designed their screenshots in OS X to have a shadow for last several several iterations of OS X. It looks kind of cool,..
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