If you have more than one user account on your Mac you may end up needing to share files. This article describes several different ways to do..
No, this is not an article about a new career! It is about Bartender, a menubar control application. I have heard of Bartender in years..
You cannot believe how many Mac people I worked with when doing tech support who had Desktops that looked like a maze. They could not..
Apple released Yosemite Beta 2 yesterday. Of course, I downloaded and installed it right a way. It took quite a long time to get installed,..
This is a really good article on things you can do to make the Preview app in OS X a more productive tool. I have implemented these..
I run several websites from a “Reseller” account. Recently, all of my websites stopped loading and/or were very slow in loading in a web browser...
One of the many new features in Yosemite is Mail Drop in Apple Mail. It is a simple feature for sending large file attachments on..
This is a really good article on ways to save time using the Mac OS X Finder. I have used some of them over time,..
Previously I have posted an article about a very cool iWeb replacement program called Everweb. I have used it to reproduce a few of my..
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