Occasionally my iMac devolves into a pattern of long startup times. This could be caused by many things. For me the cause may be that..
I came across something that will definitely be useful to me and perhaps useful to you. Typically I have my macOS Finder in Column view,..
Apple released what is probably the last update for El Capitan today, 10.11.6. It is contains security and under the hood fixes. I have installed..
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As previously mentioned I will be bringing some basic macOS functionality from time to time in my articles. No big deal, but nice little things..
From time to time bad guys send Mac malware out into the wild. Recently a malware app called Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor has been discovered. This malware can..
When your web browser starts acting funky a good troubleshooting step is to clear the browser cache. This article explains how to do that using..