This is a cool article on how to use the Path Menu in OS X to manage documents. Yes, we can still do it the old clunky..
I have used the Apple TV for years. Currently, I have the version 3 model, my wife and I really love it. If you have..
People have been having WiFi issues in Yosemite for quite a while. The latest 10.10.2 update resolved many of these, but some problems still linger...
I have used AirDrop from time to time over the years to transfer files from one Mac to another over a local network. It is..
I believe I have done an article in the past about resetting your print system in OS X, but this article is a good reminder. If you are experiencing..
In my previous article on the new OmniOutliner Pro 4.0 I covered the new Themes feature. Today I want to go over the Styles feature in the..
I really like the ability to answer my iPhone calls on my Mac using the Continuity/Handoff feature of Yosemite and iOS 8. However, to some..
For years I have used a very sophisticated program called OmniOutliner Pro for all my outlining needs. It is produced by the OmniGroup Software people who make..
I have done a previous article on the Mail Drop feature of Yosemite Mail, but this article has a bit more detail. I have used this feature and it..
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