In my last article I covered the Programs and Maintenance areas of the new CleanApp 5. In this installment I want to look at the..
This is a wonderful troubleshooting article on Macs that boot to a gray screen. I cannot count the times I have worked on a Mac with..
I have used a very nice application called CleanApp by Synium Software for many years. I have reviewed it before on Macessence, but the new Ver. 5 is so..
Over the years I have followed many people who had DNS (Doman Name System) issues. DNS issues can manifest themselves in several ways. You cannot..
Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away Mac people used a feature built into OS 9 called Windowshade. Windowshade allowed you to double-click..
This interesting article is about a couple of hidden Yosemite features, most importantly, recording your iOS 8 device screen on your Mac. I use third party..
I am an avid (some people might say "rabid") Mac user. Have been since 1987. But, I do use the Windoze OS for certain things..
OK, if you consistently need to do things to PDF files then go to Enolsoft's website. They have a bazillion apps for manipulating PDF's! I use a..
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