I am always looking for new Apps and Extensions that make me more efficient on my Mac. To that end, I use keyboard shortcuts more..
When web browsers first implemented Notifications from websites I thought it was a pretty cool deal. Since that time I have moderated my view a..
The macOS has tons and tons of cache files for just about every app and process. Clearing cache files can free up a lot of..
Of course, one of the areas where we are most vulnerable for security on our Macs is through web browsers. As far as I can..
Did you know that you can upload files and photos from someone else’ computer using their web browser? This is a pretty neat, little known..
I am still totally jazzed about my switch to the Google Chrome web browser. Recently, I delved into the People feature of this app. I..
I have several email addresses that I use for different purposes. As a result, I get bunches of spam email. Lately, I have been going..