Since El Capitan OS 10.11 will be released tommorow I thought I would mention what I am doing to prepare for the install. There are..
I have used list or reminder type apps on my iPhone for years. One of those apps is called Clear by Realmac Software. It works..
With El Capitan coming soon I thought this article on some cool things you can do would be useful. I have written about a few..
This awesome article explains how to deal with certificate errors. Certificate Errors is one reason I abandoned Apple Mail. They are a plague to Mac..
I am taking a developer course for a certain application that I have always been interested in learning. During the course the instructor told us..
Switching my photo workflow to Apple's Photos app was fairly easy. I converted my whole library, but am only working with a portion of it..
Yesterday's article on the Option Key ⌥ was super informative. I just wanted to flesh out a few of the things he mentioned and a..
I have used keyboard shortcuts for years, but I learned some new things from this article on using the Option Key "⌥" on the Macintosh..