I and several other people have noted that pages in Yosemite Safari from certain websites will not open at times. For whatever reason they seem..
Every once in a while I would us the “Reset” command in Mavericks and Mountain Lion to give Safari a fresh start. I would clear..
In a previous article I described how I fixed the hinge and clutch cover of a late 2008 MacBook Air. My grandson has been using that Air..
I have used Microsoft Office and Apple’s iWork Suite (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) for years. The bottomline for me is, I have grown to hate..
I bought our late 2006 white MacBook for my wife a long time ago. Since then I have refurbished it a few times by installing..
One of the cool features of iOS 8 (in my opinion) is “Text Message Forwarding”. I spend a lot of my time on my iMac,..
This article is totally right on! The author and I are on the same wave length about what needs to be fixed in Yosemite to make..
iI know many people ‘diss’ Apple Mail pointing out it’s many flaws. I have used Apple Mail ever since the beginning of OS X. I..
This is a good article on how to use Mac OS X’s Mission Control feature (formerly referred to as “Spaces”). I use Mission Control from time..
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