I finally got the HD enclosure for my Backup drive. As you recall the old enclosure died, had to order a new one for my..
In the old days spinning hard disks getting fragmented was a real problem. It slowed down your HD quite a bit, so tech people would..
Apple released a slew of updates yesterday. I installed the El Capitan 10.11.2 update using the combo updater (of course). Also updated my iOS devices..
A few articles ago I mentioned that CleanMyMac 3 has added a new Photos App cleanup feature that cleans out the caches but also allows..
Previously, I have covered Extensions in the Photos app, and especially the Intensify Extension from MacPhun Software. I have also covered their Snapheal standalone app..
This is a nice article on several OS X startup modifiers that perform certain maintenance tasks on OS X. I have covered them all at..
I have used a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for many, many years on my main computer. They do die of course, but instead of buying..