As usual I enjoyed the Keynote. I certainly will be getting an iPhone 6s, can't wait. Probably a new Apple TV as well. Although I..
I decided to upgrade to Parallels 11 for $49. I have a Wndows XP and OS X Yosemite virtual machines in there. The upgrade was..
Apple released the Golden Master (GM) of El Capitan yesterday to Developers and Beta testers. I downloaded and installed it on my El Capitan Beta..
I wanted to make some observations about El Capitan Beta. I just installed Beta number six. I think this is going to be a great..
I will be discussing some of my observations of El Capitan in tomorrow's blog update. However, I wanted to show you this article on Peparing..
You may know I have several backups of my mission-critical machine, my iMac. Part of that backup scheme is to clone the iMac to an..
There are tons of sound applications on the App Store with all kinds of functionality but sometimes we install applications just for the fun of..
This very important article dovetails perfectly with my previous article on the Disk Utility application no longer doing Permissions Repair in El Capitan. There really..