Macs seem to run forever. That is why there are so many older Macs still in service. Not everyone needs the “latest and the greatest”..
By now I have had several articles on MacOS Catalina only having 64-Bit Apps. I have even mentioned a few Apps that check the your..
I have written about the Catalina 32-Bit App problem in previously articles. Just a reminder here, older 32-Bit Apps will not work in the next..
Apple has really upped the ante in the new MacOS Catalina when it comes to security. The Catalina approach to improved computer security is quite..
I almost always buy Applecare+ with my Apple devices. I usually get it at the time of purchase, but on occasion I buy it with..
Apple released a slew of updates to all its operating systems today. The article describes the improvements to each one. I don’t have an Apple..
I have used the DuckDuckGo Search Engine for years. It is much more secure than Google Search. DDG is constantly improving their search engine. The..
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