Apple's services (App Store, Mail, iCloud) are really quite reliable. When something goes wrong in my Yosemite OS the last place I look is at..
Over the years many Mac users have wanted to or have actually disabled the startup chime on their Mac. Yes, it can be annoying, but..
One of the most interesting features of the new MacBook is the USB Type C connector (USB-C). It is kind of a universal connector that..
Have you noticed this typing bug in Yosemite? You are typing and the OS does an auto correction but it ends up combining the word..
Yes! I have finally decided to change the theme of the Macessence blog. My previous theme was many years old. I just thought I needed..
Hardly anyone knows much about or what to do with the Keychain Access application in the Mac OS. It can be a life saver or..
I cannot count the times in my tech support career that I have dealt with Macs (especially laptops) with “high fan” noise and overheating. There..
Just watched the Apple Watch keynote. Whoa! The Apple Watch is going to sell like hotcakes! But, the “next big thing” I liked the most..
OS X’s spellcheck capabilities are pretty good. Of course, they don’t have every word from everywhere in their dictionary, but you can always add them...
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