Of course, one of the areas where we are most vulnerable for security on our Macs is through web browsers. As far as I can..
Did you know that you can upload files and photos from someone else’ computer using their web browser? This is a pretty neat, little known..
I have several email addresses that I use for different purposes. As a result, I get bunches of spam email. Lately, I have been going..
There may be times you wish to employ “Private Browsing” in your web browser. You may not want your browser to track your browsing history..
Most Mac people use the builtin Spotlight app for searches on their Mac. Spotlight is tightly integrated with the Mac OS. However, most Mac people..
So, why would you want to copy the path of a file (where the file is located in the Finder)? I do this on occasion..
I wanted to post a link to the Intego VirusBarrier Malware monthly update for your perusal. It is a bit technical, but it does have..
I just wanted to alert you to DOK Malware which has recently been discovered on the Mac. It operates via an email phishing campaign. Here..
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