This is a good article on the Apple Support Profile from Apple. It keeps track of all the Apple devices you own. If you have several devices..
Recently a good friend gave me two older Mac laptops to do with as I pleased. One was a 2007 MacBook Pro 15”, the other..
You may or may not have noticed but in OS X Mavericks and Yosemite you can modify how and when your App Store application installs..
Apple just released an update for Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks that fixes the OS X Bash vulnerability called “Shellshock”. They are recommending everyone update to it. I updated my..
I have used Path Finder for several years now. I started with version 5, then 6 and now version 7, but it has been around..
Apple released the last update for Mavericks yesterday, 10.9.5. It does not seem to fix a whole lot, but I installed it anyway. Of course,..
I have used OS X Finder replacements for years. They just have more functionality and usually work quite well. Recently, I switched back to a..
Apple just released ver. 12 of iTunes in Yosemite Beta 2. It has been ported over to the flat Yosemite look in every way. Apple..
This is a very good article on what to do to prepare for Yosemite OS 10.10. I especially like the suggestions to back up your iCloud area..
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