Fairly frequently I add words to the OS X dictionary, especially while doing blog articles. You can do that one word at a time, but..
In my previous article I described the process of moving from an old spinning Tech Drive to a new Tech Drive using a SSD. Today..
If you are getting a lot of spam email you might consider using an iCloud email alias on your main account for a lot of..
Recently I took some photos with my iPhone 6s and didn't realize the "Live Photos" feature was on. So, I turned off "Live Photos" for..
Some people live and breath email. That is not me, but for whatever reason (business reasons, legal reasons, etc.) people need to save some or..
This is a great article on different ways to adjust your Mac login. It covers "Automatic Login" (no login screen) to various other ways to..
Even though I and others use Finder replacement apps like PathFinder most Mac users still user the Finder supplied in the Mac OS. If you..
Batteries on all of Apple's laptops have a lifespan, always have. Typically, the lifespan on newer MacBook's is 1,000 cycles. This article shows you how..
This is a good article on cleaning up your Contacts application on your Mac. If you are syncing via iCloud then it will clean up..
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