The AirDrop feature has been around in iOS and on the Mac for quite some time. Apple defines Airdrop as, With AirDrop, you can instantly share..
There is a lot of news these days about smartphone addiction. People just cannot stay off their phones no matter where they are. Obviously, any..
This is very cool. I knew the iOS Maps App was being updated with several interior locations. I did not know it included Maps of..
I am always open to trying out new blogging software. Recently, I went back to using the new MarsEdit 4.0 blogging App on my Mac...
The iPhone X is the premiere iPhone these days. However, people are having some problems with various things on the X. It seems to be..
Both my wife’s and my iPhone are updated to iOS 11.2 The latest iOS update has brought some needed fixes and features. One of the..
If you are using an iPhone X or plan to get one you should know (if you don’t already) that several of the Gestures are..