The big ballyhoo about the recent Sierra 10.12.4 update is “Night Shift”. Basically, Apple has taken the “Night Shift” functionality from iOS and implemented it..
I frequently use a DSLR for photos which produces very large files. To store my photos in iCloud would cost me about $200 a year...
Apparently developers’ apps have to have a certificate assigned to them. If this certificate expires the app will not work properly. Case in point, 1Password..
I have used the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for years in moving files around and doing websites. FTP has been around for a long time..
I have been reading different articles stating that connecting a SSD drive to a Mac via USB 3.0 is not very fast. I have read..
You create and use PDF documents all the time. Once in a while, however, you might need to send some sensitive information to someone in..
I am experimenting with having my iPhone 6s running iOS 10 announce my phone calls. It may prove to be just an annoyance, we shall..
While talking to a friend I mentioned I was going to buy an Airport Express to extend my home network. He told me he had..
We have always been faced with buying cheap inkjet printers and lots of expensive ink to run them. My solution to this is to have..
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