You may know I have several backups of my mission-critical machine, my iMac. Part of that backup scheme is to clone the iMac to an..
Apple released the 10.10.5 update to Yosemite yesterday. It will very likely be the last update to the Yosemite OS. I installed it from the..
If OS X is contantly asking you to put in your password when you move or save files then you have a Permissions problem. This..
Many of the Editing features in the new Photos app in Yosemite are straight forward, but a few of them are hidden away in there...
OS X’s spellcheck capabilities are pretty good. Of course, they don’t have every word from everywhere in their dictionary, but you can always add them...
If you do any writing at all (blogging anyone?) then you should be using the QuickType feature in OS X. This article thoroughly describes how to use..
Apple released the 10.10.1 update for Yosemite yesterday. It is about 312 MB and can be downloaded form the Mac App Store and installed. I..
The default mode of Yosemite Safari comes in kind of a stripped down mode. One of the things I have liked to do is to..
I mentioned in a previous article about Yosemite having a setting for “Automatic Updates” of OS X and advised turning it off. This article provides a little more detail..
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