Change Mac Apple ID Payment Method

If you use your Apple ID to purchase software from the Mac App Store, then you have at least one credit card listed. What if you lose that credit card or just no longer wish to use that company? If and when you get a new credit card, you can change your payment information in the Mac App Store. Here is how you do that.

App Store Payment

You change your App Store payment method in your Apple ID account.

Apple ID

Once in the Apple ID area, click on “View Information”.

View Information

You will have to login to the payment area with your Apple ID and password. In the next window, click on “Manage Payments”.

Manage Payments

In the next window you can “Edit” your current payment information. If you wish to add a payment method, just click on the “Add Payment” button.

Add Payment

In the next window, add the credit card information. It should already have your name and address in this window. When you are finished adding the credit card, click the “Done” button.

Payment Window

That pretty much is all there is to adding or editing a credit card in your Apple ID payment area. 


Adding a credit card or changing credit card information in the Mac App Store is easy.