Changing Default Email App In iOS 14

Apple has designed into iOS 14 the ability to change the Default web browser and Email App to your third-party App of choice. I have used several third-party Apps for my Email needs for years in place of Apple’s Mail App on the Mac and iOS. Currently, I have settled on Airmail which is a great App with a great deal of possible customization. Here is how to set a third-party Email App as your Default Email program.

Default Email

To use a third-party Email App as your Default Email program the App needs to be coded with the ability to do that. Not all third-party iOS Apps have that capability. The Airmail App, Spark and some others have that capability.

You setup a third-party App as your Default Email App by tapping on it in the “Settings” area:

Once in the Settings for your App of choosing, tap on “Default Mail App”.

As you see it is set to the Apple Mail App as usual. Once you tap into this area you see your choices for the Default App.

In my case, it is Spark and Airmail. All you have to do is tap on your App of choice.

Now when you slide back to the previous screen, your third-party App is set as Default.

When you set a third-party App as your Default Email App, that is the App used when you click on an Email link in your Apps in iOS.


Being able to set the Default Email App in iOS 14 is really nice. I much prefer Airmail or even Spark to Apples offering of the Mail App.