Clean App Row Below iMessage’s Typing Box

I am sure you use the iMessage App in iOS and iPadOS as much as I do and that is quite a bit. A few operating systems ago Apple added the App Row directly below the iMessage typing box. If you use several Apps to interact with your messages, the App Row can be handy. If you do not use Apps or would like to remove some Apps from this row, then read on for directions how to do that.

iMessage App Row

I recently cleaned out about 10 extraneous little Apps from the iMessage App Row. If you wonder what I am talking about, here is what the App Row looks like.

It is directly below the typing box. To remove or add Apps to this area scroll all the way to the right and tap on the “More” ellipses.

You are now in the editing area.

Just click on the “Edit” link to enter the add or removal App area.

Now, scroll down that list and toggle several of the Apps off if you do not wish to see them displayed below the iMessage typing box.

Incidentally, if you swipe one of the “Favorites” to the left, you can remove it that App from Favorites.

If you tap on the “plus” icon next to an App, it is moved into the “Favorites” area.


If you wish to remove all the Apps from the iMessage App Row you can do so. Or, perhaps you just wish to remove some and add others. Either way, it is easy to accomplish.