Cleaning Up Previous Recipients In Mail

When you create and address a new Email in the Apple Mail App, it presents a list of previous recipients to choose from for the address field. If any of these previous recipient Email addresses is no longer in use or you no longer have contact with that person, you can clean them out of the previous recipients list.

Previous Recipients

In the Mail App you access the “Previous Recipients” list from the “Window Menu”.

Once in the Previous Recipients area, you will see a list of your previous Email recipients. I have blocked out mine for privacy reasons.1

This list can be quite extensive. You may need to keep many of them in place. Deleting a few recipients that are no longer valid or useful would be helpful, though.

To delete a previous recipient, just click on it to select it and then click on “Remove From List”.

That is all there is to it. Now when you compose a new Email the Previous Recipients list will no longer contain those unneeded Email addresses.


Keeping your email workflow lean and mean will save you time and effort. Part of that Mail App maintenance is culling the Previous Recipients list occasionally.

  1. I left one address for demonstration purposes.