Clearing Out FaceTime Numbers

I only use the Mac FaceTime App on an occasional basis. I am not a big time Facetimer for sure. My iPhone is set up to display phone calls on my Mac. The Mac handles this through the macOS FaceTime App. In my case I end up with a very long list of phone numbers in the “Recents” area of FaceTime. I wanted to delete all these old numbers the other day, but could not figure out how to do so until I started snooping around in the menus. If you wish to clear out all those old FaceTime numbers, there is a simple way to do it.

FaceTime Numbers

Here is my FaceTime window with the “Recents” list in the left column.

FaceTime List

For obvious reasons the numbers have been blocked out. The actual list is way longer than that window. I just shrunk it down for demonstration purposes.

I tried “Shift” selecting all the numbers in the list for deletion, but that is not allowed in the App. I tried Right-Clicking on the numbers, but no joy. Finally, I located the “Remove All Recents” command under the “FaceTime” menu.

Remove Recents

When you select this command, all the Recents are removed from the FaceTime window.

Cleared Names


This is not exactly an earth-shattering discovery. If you are an avid FaceTime user, I am sure you knew this already. But, for us occasional FaceTime users who are not in the App that much, it might help to clean things up a bit in the FaceTime window occasionally.