DuckDuckGo iOS 14 Default Browser

One of the new features of iPadOS 14 is the ability to set a third-party App as the Default Web Browser. Safari is a good browser, but I like the security and privacy capabilities of the DuckDuckGo web browser. Here is how you change the Default Web Browser in iPadOS and iOS 14.

Default Web Browser

The new iOS and iPadOS 14 have all kinds of cool features. One of those is the ability to set a third-party App as the Default Web Browser in place of Safari. The App you wish to use must have this capability built in to its coding. In my case, I want to use DuckDuckGo as the Default Web Browser because of its security and privacy features.

Setting a third-party App as the Default Web Browser is very easy. After installing the App, tap over into the Settings area, scroll down and tap on your App.

In the settings of the App look for Default Browser App. It will be set to Safari. When you tap on that you go to this setup screen.

Tap on your third-party browser, in this case DuckDuckGo, and it is now set as the Default.

Now, when you click on a link in an Email the third-party web browser will handle that transaction. Safari will no longer be the Default Web Browser.

Here is one reason I choose to use DuckDuckGo for my browser. When you go to a website it shows you who is tracking you.

The first time you use the App it gives you this message. You can see who is tracking you in the address bar. And DuckDuckGo blocks them! As far as I can tell, Google tracks almost all websites. It is invasive, that is for sure.

If you tap on the menu icon, you see a menu of things DuckDuckGo can do. It is like other web browsers. I am not going into all the features of DuckDuckGo. It is fast and works as advertised.


If you desire to use a third-party App as your Default Web Browser, it is easy to setup.

PS – After I wrote this article I discovered there is a bug in this setup. When you Restart your device, it reverts the Default Browser back to Safari. Apple is aware of this bug which will be fixed in the next iOS and iPadOS update.