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.ecto logo As you know I have been using ecto to prepare my blog articles offline and then upload them to my blogs. I use it for MacEssence and for my family blog. I have used ecto for several years now, ever since I started blogging. It is a great little program. For $17 it is worth it’s weight in gold if you do any blogging at all

Just recently infinite-sushi software , the current developers of ecto, released version 3. It has been a long time coming, and is a great release.

I just want to give a brief overview of ecto so you get a feel for the program. When you open ecto you will have to set up a blog with the settings provided by your ISP and blog software. When you open the program you will be in the Viewer Window. Just click on the “Edit Accounts” icon and you will be taken to this window:

Accounts Window

For a first time ecto user it is easiest to click on the “Assistant” icon and follow the prompts. When you click on it this sheet will drop down:


The WordPress you see is a drop down list with a ton of blogging options in it. Just choose the one you are using. Below that you enter the web address of your blog, very simple. Then it asks for your username and password for logging into the blog like so:


It takes a few seconds, but your blog will be added as one of ecto’s accounts. You can manage many accounts at one time with ecto, switching between them as need arises. Ecto automatically downloads your categories and blog entries into the Viewer Window.

I think that is as far as I want to go with this article. Next time I will go into how to use ecto after your blog is setup. Until then . . . .


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