ecto 3 – The Basics

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After you have setup your blog account in ecto it is time to start blogging. When you first open the application you will be in the “Viewer Window”. If you click on the New button you will be taken to the “Draft Window” to start your first article. Turn the page for a few photos.

The “Viewer Window” has everything you need to get started:

Viewer Window

Your blog entries are listed in the window. If you click on the New button you will be taken to the “Draft Window”:

Draft Window

Just type in a title, hit tab into the body and start typing. As you can see there is an “Extended” section. Most blog software has a “read more” feature. The beginning of the article (a few lines) is on the front page of the blog. The remainder of the article (the “read more” link) is on another page. Ecto calls this the “Extended” section.

As you can see, there are formatting features for tweaking text. There is a link button and other things in the the menus. One of the best things about ecto 3 is that several of the features have been turned into very convenient buttons. It makes for fast editing and setting up of your blog articles. It also allows importing of photos or screenshots.

I could go on and on about ecto 3, but the best thing to do is to just download it and start blogging. Ecto has a 20 day trial, but after you use it you will want it. It is only $17 for a lifetime subscription. If you are a blogger or thinking about blogging this is the app for you. Go get it and have start your blogging nirvana.


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