Editing Folder Actions

One of the cool things you can do with the Automator App in macOS is Folder Actions. I described how to setup a Folder Action in a previous article. I use a Folder Action to automatically size the Featured Image icons for Macessence blog articles. I just drag an icon into the Folder and it is sized to work with the WordPress theme I am using. What if you need to change a Folder Action somehow? There is an easy way to do that, here is how it is done.

Edit Folder Actions

The easiest way to change a Folder Action is to access Folder Action Setup in the “Services” menu.

Service Menu

Just right-click on the folder in question, select the “Services” area at the bottom of the drop down menu and select Folder Actions Setup. You will receive this warning window.

Run Servie

Folder Actions Setup is a Service which you have to gain permission to access. Once you click “Run Service”, you are taken to the Folder Actions Setup window.

Folder Window

Folders with actions on them are listed on the left. If you click on a folder, its action scripts are displayed on the right. If you wish to edit an action script, select it and click on “Edit Workflow”. This opens the specific action in the Automator App.

Autmator Scale

The name of the Action will be at the top right of the window and the body of the Action is down below. In my case, this scale image action resized images to 250 pixels. My new blog theme requires featured images at 200 pixels. After I edited this action, the Folder resizes images correctly.


Folder Actions are totally cool. They are a very useful feature and not difficult to setup using the Automator App.