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Finder RenameOnce I decided to return to using Entourage I needed to bring some of my archived emails from Apple’s Mail app into folders in Entourage. This is a common problem these days when switching email applications.

Apple Mail’s file format is .elmx. The file format for Entourage is .eml. So, how do I convert them. Yes, there are conversion programs, but I didn’t want to buy one and I really don’t do this very often. I did quite a bit of research online and discovered one item that seemed to be very helpful. The article mentioned the best way ton convert Mail to Entourage (without buying a conversion program) is to change the file extension on the email files from .elmx to .elm. I tried one of the emails and then placed it in a folder in Entourage. It opened perfectly.

Then, I had an epiphany. I could use an application to batch change the file extensions on the emails and then drag them into the appropriate folders in Entourage. Enter A Better Finder Rename 7. I have owned this application for a while, but have never used it. I got it on some kind of a special deal. I opened it up and had a look around. This is one very sophisticated program. I really don’t know how much of it works.

Rename 1

I opened the main window and changed the top drop down to “Change only file extension”. Under Suffix I entered the Entourage file extension .eml. Then I went into the “Mail” folder in the user Library and located the folder containing the emails I needed. I copied these emails into another folder on the desktop and then drug the files into the window below which is part of A Better Finder Rename 7.

Rename 2

When I ran the program it converted all the emails I had placed in the window to the .eml format as you can see.

Rename 3

All I had to do then was to drag them into the appropriate folder in Entourage. I used the exact same procedure for a few other folders of email in the Mail app and converted them as well. It worked like a charm.

This may seem like a lot of steps, but once you have tried it out it’s really easy. As far as I can tell the email works just fine in Entourage. A Better Finder Rename 7 is a very sophisticated application. If I can I will bring a more extensive report on it in the near future. Until our next meeting. . . .


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