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Like many medium to large businesses my work uses the Exchange Server from Microsoft. Since we use Microsoft Office our email client of necessity on the Mac is Entourage. A while back my supervisor asked me to try out Apple’s Mail application with the Exchange Server.

This is the Mail version in Leopard, just to quality things. So, I commenced setting up mail to work with the Exchange Server. And guess what, it works very well. Apple has done a very good job designing the Mail app and Address Book to work with Exchange. I have been using it for about three months now and I really like it. I have used Mail at home ever since OS X came on the scene. It is a great program. I have Office 2008 at home, but I have never been a big fan of Entourage.

After getting Mail to work with Exchange I labored over setting up Apple’s Address Book to work with LDAP. That was kind of hit and miss until I found an article online helped me with the settings. Also, iCal works fairly well with Exchange calendaring, but not as good as the Entourage calendar.

If you are thinking about using Mail instead of Entourage or some other email application I am here to tell you it is definitely doable. If it will work in your system go for it. But there is a catch.

The last few months I have had this recurring problem. Mail seems to lose an occasional email. Two days ago I received an email from someone, but I never saw it in the Mail application. I know it was sent to me because I was working with Entourage trying to figure something out for a client and I saw the email there. As far as I can tell this only happens very rarely, but that is just too much for me. Yes, many emails are just a bunch of baloney, but sometimes they really are important.

So, what do I do. For now, I am going back to Entourage. I am going to continue to do some research on the Mail issue. If I can find out what the issue is I will go back to Mail in a heartbeat, but for now reliability wins out.

Next time I want to talk about how I transferred some of my email from the Mail app to Entourage. Until then . . . .


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