Finding Maps Locations In Contacts App

Even though there are several third-party contacts Apps for the Mac, I think most Mac people still use the Contacts App supplied by Apple. It is not the coolest App around, but it is more than adequate for managing your contacts. One neat feature of the Contacts App is the ability to navigate from a contact to their location in the Maps App. Here is how that works.

Contacts Map Locations

You can customize how your Contacts App is setup, but it should look something like this.

Contacts Window

When you select a contact addres in the left column, their information appears in the right-hand window area. If you wish to locate the contacts address on a map, just roll the mouse to the right of the contact address.

Map Icon

This produces a small map pin icon. If you click on that icon, the Maps App is started, showing the map location of your contact.

Map location

From there you can click on the pin icon to get driving directions. Occasionally, I use this feature in the macOS Contacts App and other third-party contacts applications. It is there if you need it.


If you need to find a contacts location on a map, just click on the map pin icon in Contacts.