Finding Your Wi-Fi Password

All of us have passwords for everything everywhere. I am sure most of you are using a third party password program or storing your passwords in Safari. Even just using a Word Processor to store passwords is better than nothing. There is one password which most of us set and forget; that is the Wi-Fi password. You don’t really use the Wi-Fi password repeatedly. It is kind of one and done thing. Occasionally, you may need to access your Wi-Fi password. Here is a simple way to do that.

Wi-Fi Password Retrieval

One of the easiest ways to retrieve your Wi-Fi password is using the Keychain App in the Utilities Folder. Once you open the Keychain App, click on “System” in the left sidebar.


Then, scroll down in your list of things and locate your network.

Network Name

Next, double-click your network name which produces a window similar to this one.

Password Authentication

When you check the “Show password” box, you are asked to authenticate with your computer credentials. Once authentication is complete your Wi-Fi password appears in the window.

Network Password

There are a few steps to this procedure, but it is not difficult. 


I am sure you will not need to retrieve your Wi-Fi password too often, but when you do it is possible through the Keychain App.