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As you can see I have been a Mac Dude for many years. There have been some frustrations along the way, but overall I have really had a wonderful time learning and keeping up with Mac hardware and software. I wouldn’t trade my Mac experiences for anything on the Windows side of things that is for sure.

You know my current Mac situation, I own a 24” Aluminum iMac 2.8GHz with 4GB of RAM and an older white MacBook 2.0 GHz with 2GB of RAM. My wife and I are good to go for a few years at least. We both use the heck out of these machines for just about anything you can imagine.

Since, in this series we have looked at the past of the Mac, it might be appropriate to consider the future of the Mac. What IS the future of the Mac? I think with the move to Intel chips and the unix underpinnings of OS X the future is bright for many years to come. Apple will continue to make improvements to their hardware and we all know OS X will get better. Hopefully, the mainstream commercial software and shareware will keep pace. Apple invented the Macintosh Way in 1984. I wouldn’t put it past them to invent a whole new elegant way of computing in the future.

Currently, Apple is selling more Macs than ever before. There profit for last quarter was $1.6 billion. Whoa!! And we are in a recession, but the recession doesn’t seem to apply to Apple Inc. Who knows what other devices they will develop. Maybe another iPhone device?

All I know is the usability and quality of the Mac seems to benefit from the development of iPhones, iTV’s, servers and other hardware. All of Apples devices seem to have a symbiotic relationship. They feed off of and enhance each other. Only an Apple, Inc. could engineer and bring that kind of thinking to pass with any measure of success. As the saying goes, they make the whole widget, and it pays off in spades.


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