Hard Drive Icons In Big Sur

In my Mac old days all my hard drives had special icons on the Desktop. I have not thought about doing that until I was asked how to do it on this blog. I tried it a few times the old way, but I could not get it to work until one of our readers named Jack provided the solution. If you wanted to replace the yellow hard drive icons in macOS Big Sur or Catalina, then read on, it is simple to do.

Hard Drive Icons

The first thing you need to do is select an appropriate image for the hard drive. Then, open the image in the Preview App.

Now, do a “Get Info” (Command ⌘ + “I”) on the hard drive in question. You should see a small window similar to this one.

Click on the small hard drive image in the upper-left corner of the window. Then go back to your image in the Preview App and do a “Select All” (Command ⌘ + “A”) to select the image.

Once the image is selected, copy it to the clipboard (Command ⌘ + “C”). Now, navigate back to the hard drive Get Info window and paste the image into the small hard drive icon.

That is all there is to it. This works with jpeg or png files. There is a caution here, though. If one or more of your external drives has a bootable operating system on it, you cannot paste in the new icon using your main drive. You have to boot into that external drive and paste in the icon while booted in it. In my case, that would be my “Developer” and external “Clone” drives. I could add new drive icons to all my other drives in my main iMac bootup.


This is not a big deal, but part of owning a Mac is being able to have fun by tweaking stuff.