Hard Drives On The Desktop

Besides the main hard drive for my Mac, I have several other drives attached to the machine. Most of them are for some type of backup with Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner. I don’t mind having those drives showing on my Desktop, but for some people they just get in the way. Here is how you remove your hard drives from showing on the Desktop.

Remove Drives

Here are some of the drives on my Desktop.

I have more, but you get the idea.

You remove your hard drives from showing on your Desktop in the Finder Preferences area. Keep in mind, removing the drives from the Desktop does not “unmount” them, it just makes them invisible. The “General Tab” of your Finder Preferences should look something like this.

To “disappear” the drives from your Desktop, just uncheck those boxes.

Now your Desktop should be devoid of showing hard drives.

There are a couple of things showing which I can clean up, but the drives no longer show.

You can still access your drives by choosing “Computer” from the Finder “Go” menu.

You will get a window similar to this one listing your drives.

You can click on any drive and drill down to access whatever you need.


If you like an empty Desktop, you can achieve that effect effortlessly.