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A while back I did an article on a great shareware application called Hazel from Noodlesoft. This is a very cool little utility that resides in your System Preferences as a Pref Pane. With Hazel you can automate a whole bunch of stuff on your system. I have automated several different folders on my Desktop to do different things with various files as they arrive in them.

Today I happened to come across a very cool web site filled with training videos, ScreenCastsOnline. One of the videos was about Hazel. Even though I have a fairly decent knowledge of Hazel, I still watched the video. The moderator did several things with Hazel that I was familiar with, but he also did something which gave me an idea.

At work I have a folder on my HD that contains various PDF license documents for software. I am always looking through it for something. After seeing the screencast I decided I would organize that folder with Hazel. This is what I did. I created several subfolders all starting with various letters of the alphabet (A,B,C etc.). Back in Hazel, I made separate rules pointing to the main folder. Here are what the rules looks like.

Hazel 1

Basically, what the rules say is, “if a file starts with the letter A, move it into the A folder.” It is totally cool. When I run the rule, it puts all the files starting with “A” into the “A” folder, all the files starting with “B” into the “B” folder and so on. I can run all the rules at once.

Yes, I could have done this manually, but all I have to do now is put several license PDF’s in the main enclosing folder and let Hazel put them away for me. Totally cool. The files (50 or more right now) are all organized and will stay that way.

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