Hiding App Store Purchases

If you have used the Mac App Store for a while, you will end up with a bunch of Apps. Perhaps you are like me, you may not use some of those purchased Apps any longer. If you wish to clean up and organize the App Store Purchases, you can “Hide” the ones you no longer wish to see. Here is how you do that.

Hide Apps

You hide some purchased Apps in the Mac App Store in your user account.

App Store Account

You cannot hide an App that is installed. Likewise, you can only hide an App that is no longer installed, but still resides in the App Store List. I am going to use TickTick as my example.

TickTick Example

If the App is no longer installed, it will show a small ellipses symbol. To hide the App, just click on that symbol and select “Hide purchase”.

Hide Purchase

Once you do that, the purchase no longer shows.

Purchae Gone


It is easy to hide an App Store purchase. If you have many Apps listed like I do, it can make searching for Apps a little easier.