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ichat_20071016.png Today I went to a friends house to help them with their new iMac. They had some questions about the Mac OS. While talking with them transfer some of their email accounts from webmail to Apple’s Mail application. However, our conversation came around to communicating with distant relatives and eventually to iChat.

These folks were using some kind of online service to do video chats with their relatives back east. Their family members had Macintosh computers. I suggested that they communicate via iChat.

So, I took them online and assisted them in setting up an AIM account. I then entered their AIM account into iChat. Then, I added my .Mac account to their Buddy List. Next, I called my wife at home and had her add them to my Buddy List. Then I opened their iChat, selected my name and setup a video chat my wife back at home. What a blast!! All this while they were standing there. Mac’s are so cool!!

We talked with my wife and granddaughter. Everyone got a kick out of the whole experience. After we shutdown the chat I showed them again how to add someone to their Buddy List and how someone can add my friends info to their account back east. Let the video chats begin!

It is so wonderful to work with new people on the Mac, especially when they get it. These folks are loving their Mac. I am sure they will be life long Mac fans.


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