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When I first setup the Yosemite Beta on an external HD I declined to setup the iCloud Drive. There were rumors that it messed up your iCloud experience and I did not wish to take a chance with it. Since then I have become convinced that it is a pretty seamless experience so I went ahead and set it up.

There is one caveat however. Apparently, the iCloud Drive in Yosemite does cause problems with the online versions of the iWorks suite, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. If you are a user of the online versions of this software it might be best to not install iCloud Drive until Yosemite is officially released. 

One of the reasons I wanted to use the iCloud Drive was to test the new “Mail Drop” feature in Apple Mail (future article) and to just generally see how it worked with everything. To activate iCloud Drive just click on the iCloud System Preference Pane. You will be presented with this window:


Click on the checkmark button and you will then be presented with the “Options” button to the right:


Once you click on the “Options” button you will be taken to this disclaimer screen. Seriously, if you are a heavy user of the Web Apps on iCloud to store documents then you might want to reconsider here. I use iCloud for light duty. It contains my Photo Stream and a couple of things, but admittedly I am not a heavy iCloud user. If you are determined to continue just click the “Options” button and you will see this disclaimer window:


Once it is finished installing it presents you with a window showing all the applications that are using iCloud like so:


I went through this list and turned off many of them, being sure to leave the Mail app turned on for my “Mail Drop” testing. 

Since I have activated my iCloud Drive in Yosemite I have not had any problems in my Mavericks and iOS installs. But, as previously mentioned, I do not do a bunch of stuff there. Most of the complaints I have heard are with the web based apps, YMMV.

After activating I went onto iCloud Drive. Everything seemed normal, but when I tried to open one of the Web Apps (Pages) I got this error message:

Screen Shot 2014 08 11 at 9 17 06 AM

If the known issues with iCloud Drive do not dissuade you, then I say activate it. Most stuff seems to work just fine.


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