iOS 14 App Library Removing Apps

As you know iOS 14 has many new features. One of those features is the App Library, which stores your Apps in category folders. All the Apps on your iPhone appear in the App Library. Only the Apps you wish to see appear on your Home Screen. But how do you make that work? And why would you not want all your Apps showing all the time?

App Library Remove

Let’s face it there are some Apps that you need on your iPhone, but I seldom use them. You only need them occasionally, which means they are just taking up space the rest of the time. iOS 14 has a new feature called “Remove App” which works with the App Library. Here is how this works.

I have an App on my iPhone called Pro HDR X. It is an App for adjusting photos.

Pro HDR X App

I seldom use this App so I am going to store it in the App Library, but remove it from displaying on my Home Screen. The first thing you do is long press on the App. You will see this drop down menu.

Remove App

When you tap on “Remove App”, you are given two choices.

Remove Or Delete

You can either “Move to App Library” or “Delete App”. Either way the App is gone from your Home Screen.

Home Screen

If you Deleted the App, it is removed from your iPhone. If you chose “Move to App Library”, the App is removed from your Home Screen, but it is still on your iPhone stored in the App Library.

App Library

In this case it is in the Creativity Category Folder. You can place it back on your Home Screen by long pressing on it and choosing “Add to Home Screen”.

I know people that told me they will not be using the App Library. However, I think the ability to store little used but necessary Apps there is very cool. 1


I will be moving several lightly used Apps from my Home Screen to the App Library. My Home Screen will not be so cluttered, but the Apps will still be available for occasional use. By the way, iPadOS does not have this feature, yet. That is kind of disappointing. I hope Apple includes the App Library in a future update to iPadOS.

  1. I have removed about 20 Apps from my Home Screen area[]