iOS 14 Safari Settings

The App I use most in iOS and iPadOS is Email. The second most used App is Safari. I assume your experience is similar. Every new iOS and iPadOS version brings improvements to this functionality. The Safari web browser in iOS 14 has a new Settings area. Here is how you access it and what it contains.

Safari Settings

You access iOS Safari settings by tapping on the “AA” symbol on the left side of the address bar.


You end up with this drop down menu.

Drop Down Menu

There are different things you can check by tapping on items in this list. If you tap on the “Privacy Report”, you get this window.

Privacy Report

At the top of this drop down menu is the text adjustment.

Fonts Sizes

If you tap on the larger “A”, it zooms in on the page making things a little larger. That is pretty helpful for those of us with older eyes.

You can experiment with the other settings in this drop down menu. I think you get the idea.


Accessing some settings in iOS and iPadOS Safari is easy. I appreciate that Apple has placed that accessibility at our fingertips.