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I suppose the application most people use in the iLife suite is iPhoto. But I wanted to start with iWeb ’09 because it does something very cool that I have been waiting for for a long time.

I may have mentioned that I have been a woodworker for many years. A while back I decided to do a woodworking blog with iWeb. I could have just done it with WordPress, but I wanted to get familiar with iWeb and how it worked. I enjoy doing the site with iWeb, but uploading it to .Mac leaves a little to be desired. It works OK on .Mac, but you can’t do stuff like get site statistics on .Mac.

One of the new features of iWeb ’09 is you can upload your web site via FTP to a “regular” website. When I opened my web site in iWeb ’09 it converts it to the the new format. After it was converted I immediately went into the setup area by clicking on the name of the website in the left hand column. What appeared was the .Mac setup, but by clicking on the drop down menu I received the FTP setup area like so:

Picture 1.jpg

I entered the Server Address, Username and password. You also have to enter the full URL to your website just below that area. As you can see there is a button, Test Connection, in the window. When I had entered the site information I pressed that button and iWeb checked my setup. It returned a message that everything checked out and it was ready for upload. So, I uploaded my woodworking blog to the FTP area. It worked great!

I know some people have had problems with this feature, not being able to upload. It seems many people just don’t have the correct settings. I have to say I had no problems with this feature at all.

However, there is one drawback. The FTP upload puts the entire site into a separate folder. As far as I can tell this does not allow the cPanel (every site these days has a “control panel”) to keep track of statistics. That is a total bummer! I am hoping Apple will enable iWeb to upload to the usual site folder sometime soon so I can do “normal” things with the site. Yes, I can publish to a folder and then upload with a regular FTP program, but that is too much of a hassle.

I will continue to use the FTP feature in iWeb ’09. Having the site on a normal FTP area makes it quite a bit faster then .Mac. Plus, when people go to the site they see the regular .com address instead of the elongated .Mac address. It just looks more professional.

Hopefully, I can bring more impressions of iWeb ’09 later in the week. Until then . . . .


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