Mac Software Update Preferences

The macOS has several different ways to update the operating system and App Store software. You can adjust these updates to your preferences. Personally, I turn off certain things and leave some other updates on automatic. Here is how to do that in the macOS.

macOS Updates

To setup updates to your Mac operating system head on over to the “System Preferences” and click on “Software Update”.

Once in Software Update window click on the “Advanced” button.

In the Advanced area you will see the various settings you can adjust.

If you are using a brand-new Mac, all these will be set to Automatically update. That might be just fine for what you wish to do. Personally, I do not update the macOS automatically. I prefer to update the operating system when I am certain the update will not cause problems.

You can adjust auto-updates in the Mac App Store as well. Click on the “App Store” menu item and select “Preferences”.

I leave my App Store to update automatically. But, if you did not wish to do this for some reason, just uncheck the Automatic Updates box.


It is nice that Apple is trying to think of everything when it comes to updating your Mac. If you dislike what Apple is doing, then you may prefer to personalize you’re update process.