macOS Big Sur Change Widget Settings

One of the new features in macOS Big Sur is Widgets in the Notifications area. There are all kinds of Widgets you can place in there, they are pretty handy at just a click away. Once you get your preferred Widgets installed, you can change the settings in each one. Here is how you do that.

Widget Settings

To access your Widgets you click on the Date and Time in the upper-right corner of your Desktop Menubar to display Notifications and Widgets right below.

Edit Widgets

To adjust the settings in a Widget, click on the “Edit Widgets” button in the bottom of the window. This presents the Edit window. In my case, I am going to look inside the “Calendar Widget”.

Select Widget

All you have to do to edit a Widget is click on it. When you click on it, the Widget spins around and enters the Widget settings area.

Mirror App

That is all there is to it. I am sure some Widgets have more settings than the Calendar Widget, but you get the idea.


I have been using Widgets more and more since I went to macOS Big Sur. They are really handy.