macOS Photos Retouch Command

I have covered several Photos App features over the last few months. The Photos App has become more robust with each new macOS version. One of the newest features is the “Retouch” command in the editing area. It does not have the sophistication of some standalone photo editing Apps, but it does work quite well for basic touching up of photos.

Retouch Command

The Retouch Command is in the editing area of the Photos App. I think people might use it more for photos of people, but it can be used to touch up just about any type of photo.

I want to eliminate something from this photo.

You probably cannot see it too well, but in the upper-left corner of this photo there is a helicopter. It just happened to be flying over when I took the picture. To eliminate that item from the photo, I have to go into the editing area of the Photos App.

You have to look closely, but the Retouch feature is located vertically in the middle of the editing area. To activate it you click on the little pencil and then adjust the size of the tool with the slider right next to it.

Here is the photo with the helicopter removed.

My experience with the Retouch feature is that you have to make the retouch tool a little larger than you think you would. You can experiment with it by just clicking on the “Revert to Original” button in the editing window if your retouch does not work well the first time.


The Retouch Tool in the Photos App is not all powerful, but it works well for simple retouching efforts.