Manage Website Data In Safari

Most Mac people use the Safari web browser because it is integrated into the macOS really well and it is fast. Occasionally, Safari bogs down. There are several things that could cause this slowness. If Safari on your Mac is slowing down some, then you might need to Manage Website Data. Here is how you do that.

Manage Website Data

You manage your website data in the “General Tab” of Safari Preferences.

Website Data

When you click on the Manage Website Data button, you are taken to this screen.

Data List

Most of us will have a long list of websites, the list takes a while to load. If a particular website is giving you problems you can select it and click “Remove”.

Remove Website

The site will disappear.

Remove All

Sometimes it is not a bad idea to just click the “Remove All” button if you are experiencing general Safari slowness. You may lose a few logins, but the damage should not be too bad.


If you are experiencing slowness in Safari, then try cleaning out your Managed Website Data.